Professional Article Writing and Critique Help

Knock, Knock - The New York Times Calling

If someone from The New York Times knocked on your door and asked you to write an article for their newspaper you wouldn’t turn them down, would you? Good, you know how to seize opportunity! It’s not just newspapers, magazines and the always-hungry worldwide web that need articles. If your curriculum requires this of you, simply tuck a pencil behind your ear and grab a notepad because article writing help is ready as soon as you are.

A great article, as with any piece of writing, has a unique structure and set of rules that it needs to abide by. This is where professional article writing help will make sure that your article is up to scratch and not simply a series of scribbles. Article critique help can quickly and easily whip that article into shape, and we don’t need a reporter to break that story. If you are on the other side of the desk and need to make a critical assessment of an editorial piece, article critique help can offer a second set of critical eyes to size up the commentary. Our minds and pencils are sharp and ready to help you with your expose!

Grant Writing Help - Some Things Cannot Be Taken For Granted

In case The New York Times has not come a-calling you may consider seeking funding for a project that you want to take on. Well, if you thought that an article had a sticky structure and set of rules that needed to be adhered to, just wait until you set your tired eyes on the stack of demands that a grant application requires. Grant writing help is one part art and one part science and has evolved into a niche of its own.

There are professional grant writers in the market today, and guess who has more than a few of them? You guessed right, we have them right here. The specialty of grant writing help developed from a need: to have people who really understand the guidelines and instructions of these money-dangling matrices. Wouldn’t you like to have someone who has already been in the matrix and gotten out alive? (We don’t recommend you go in there on your own.)

Grant writing assistance will:

  • Take your great ideas and ensure that they fit into all the correct boxes;
  • Lead you to answer the appropriate questions in the appropriate manner;
  • Guide you through the gray areas, check boxes and required documentation;

It may even put you in the fore-front of securing that money.