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Keep The Best and Lose The Rest

One of the lesser known of Salvador Dali’s pieces of art is entitled “Lobster Telephone.” No surprise that this multi-media piece features a red lobster sitting atop a black rotary dial telephone. Hmm... This guy definitely did not have a trusted adviser to tell him what to keep and what to cut. A great editor will do exactly this. An editor, ruthless by nature, would have had no problem telling him, “Sal, lose the lobster, or the telephone; one or the other. Your choice. One of them has got to go!”

A great essay editor will keep mismatched, incompatible elements separate from one another. A great editor will quickly see with a keen and critical eye what does not belong in the ‘picture.’ And clearing away the clutter will allow for your message to emerge and to stand strong. With today’s technology, an online essay editor is just a few clicks away. These experts also have the precise, sharp and no-nonsense natures that are unafraid to exclaim, “Seriously Sal, it’s either the lobster OR the telephone! And what is the deal with all the melting clocks!” The only difference is that online editors will say it in a text message. What other artists would have to say is unsure. Did Edvard Munch paint the scream as a reaction to the “Lobster Telephone?” That image is representative of the response an editor has upon setting eyes on the bizarre thing.

The term freelance editors covers a broad spectrum of hues, tints and shades and it includes blue pencil wielders such as:

  • The college essay editor: there to help you navigate through any and all college papers even the ones that are soaked with beer
  • The English editor: ?Como se dice? Quoi? These guys know how to say it right even if you don’t know quite how it translates;
  • The resume editor: skilled at whipping c.v.’s into shape and making sure that you put your best page into the hands of the guy on the other side of the desk;
  • The writing editor: these generalists of word wizardry can offer technical fixes, substantive re-arranging and creative development.

The only thing that a great professional editor will not excel at is working with an avant-guard artistic anarchist, cubist, futurist, surrealist or abstract auteur. That would be frustrating, cluttered, and messy. It would make them want to scream!